Okay, I don't think I made this up: I was reading Wired Magazine a few months ago, and I saw a phone featured in the Fetish section that was designed like a KooshTM ball or a sea-urchin. The idea is that it would be used in a teleconference, thrown back and forth across the room from speaker to speaker.

We need this at my work.

Has anyone else seen this thing, remember what it was called, or where they're selling it? I can't seem to find it again in any of the Wired issues I can find in my apartment and office.


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  • I don't recall having seen a koosh/urchin phone, but I have seen a custom phone that was a 900Mhz radio phone with a mic and speaker that was embedded in a nerf football. A crude lash up, but it did work.
  • that sounds kind of familiar to me too... you could try looking here: http://search.wired.com/wired/default.asp?query=fetish%20 if that fails, email them
  • You did not dream it. I remember it too...I have no clue where I saw it though.
  • I think you might be talking about the "MIT Sputmik Microphone Concept": http://www.time.com/time/2002/inventions/tra_micro.html