...Personally, I'm getting SICK of running into my OWN BLOG while doing research into any of the topics that I've ranted about here. I spend a couple posts talking about a technology with questions or thoughts, then later I go to implement this tech and need specifics and yet 2 or 3 of the top ranks are filled with my annoying blather. Urgh!...

Amen. More and more, I'm running into myself on Google. I'll be looking for expert information on something I'm trying to tinker with, and discover that one of more of the top search results are me writing about looking for expert information on the thing I'm trying to tinker with. Just occasionally do I find myself having actually provided the information that I'm currently seeking.

I mean, it's not a gigantic shocker-- my interests are relatively stable over time, and I circle back to things after long periods of time, so this is to be expected I suppose. But I'm starting to feel like I'm in a bad time travel movie. shortname=google_blog_clog

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