RSSify is a rather horrible hack that shouldn't be needed any more. Please ask the owner of the site you're reading (...) to change to a system that generates RSS natively such as Blogger Pro or Movable Type. Alternatively consider hosting RSSify yourself rather than using my bandwidth.

Noticed this show up suddenly today as the new item to a surprising number of feeds to which I subscribe. I knew Julian Bond's public RSSifying service had gotten used far and wide, but wow. The bandwidth bills must've been getting quite annoying, having become a sort of adhoc bit of the Rube Goldberg blog infrastructure. So, as for my own consumption, thanks for the use of your tool Julian, and all apologies for being a leech!

Well, I'm still working a bit on my own Java-based transmogrifier robot to scrape disparate sources of info into RSS feeds for me. I suppose I should get to work trading my RSSify-based subscriptions for my own DIY-scraped versions. If I get some time soon, I'll wrap this thing up and release it. But first, I hope to get it fully automatedly working with the iTunes Music Store, as I've been tinkering. shortname=no_more_mr_rssify

Archived Comments

  • Actually the bandwidth is not that bad. Mostly I just felt that the need for RSSify should have gone away by now. I think it's time to encourage people to take control and produce the RSS themselves. Now can I interest you in Gnews2rss.php?
  • eh.. as it profits me not at all to blog I have little interest expending any money to offer RSS. As RSSify dies so goes my feed? Perhaps not. There are some other interesting indices with RiSSing potential...
  • However... kudos to RSSify thus far for the amazing service! God bless!!