I would like to propose, nay, admonish, that the name of the format and spec should be Atom, that the current naming vote should be killed, and we should move on to grander things without the auspices of "what's it called?!" over our heads. This has been going on far too long.

I haven't been anywhere near the epicenter of Atom/Pie/Echo much, so this is mostly a 'me too' kind of posting. But, you know, as an interested hacker waiting for dust to settle before I start paying much attention, the decision on a name, as superficial as it is, seems telling to me.

On one hand, I could take it to be representative of what's going on inside the project as a whole. (If they can't settle on a name, how can they settle on what's included in the spec?) On the other hand, it could just be that naming the thing is the least interesting aspect of the project. But I consider that because I'm a nerd, I've been there, and I want to see the project thrive. Others might not be so charitable or patient. :)

So just name the dang thing Atom already.


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  • Right-o. It's like Koreans trying to decide these days whether Korea should be spelled in English with a K or with a C... Like they don't have more pressing stuff! Have been enjoying silently your blog for awhile now. Keep the good job.
  • I propose calling it Just Some XML (JSX) and then calling it a day.