Sometimes this blog thing surprises me, like when someone digs up something I tinkered with briefly a few years ago and finds that it was just the puzzle piece needed. And it also surprises me when someone else gets some of the same enthusiasm I had for one of my ideas.

This looks like it might be interesting. Also, I've been meaning to update the XmlRpcFilteringPipe in a more REST-ian bent, using both POSTed data pushed through the filter and GET queries supplied with URLs in query parameters to pull data through the filter.

Archived Comments

  • The other day I wrote a ChangeLog-to-RSS thing in Perl for my project which is hosted on ( already has it). I added a link pattern that allows you to include links to the original source files, too (since Savannah uses viewcvs, the files are available online). Wanted to add a comment to your very old ChangeLog-to-RSS article, but it was no longer possible.