Well, this isn't Podcasting for Cats, but it might be Podcasting for Five-Year-Olds. Right at this moment, I am caught between giggling and feeling so bad for IP Relay operators. Abusing these poor saintly people isn't a new hack, but apparently making them call OpenPodcast.org and record podcast entries is.

In the last 20 minutes, I've heard goofy tongue twisters (some from smart fellas), many digits of PI, hot sex scenes in /usr/bin, and crappy song lyrics.

At least one person isn't very happy about it at all. And, well, I have to agree after listening through a string of a dozen of these as they played in the background. The calls were amusing, and I hope these messages maybe made an operator's day interesting at least, but umm... can you guys move on now?

Update 2004-01-12: How meta--a plea to stop, as an IP Relay message.

Archived Comments

  • You guys are real bored calling us relay operators, and we honestly aren't amused, and if u could only hear the things we say when we put ur asses on mute, i'm sure u wouldnt be laughing then. i hope u know we have older people...maybe in their late 50's working there, and its real sad what you guys lowered them to. do u see any one of us making ur jobs difficult? ohhh thats right ur all losers who have no jobs, jerking off in ur parents house, without getting a education, making ip prank calls...real sad. get a damn life.
  • as an operator, i honestly don't mind the prank calls as much as others (some are quite amusing), but i would like to inform you guys of this: the service is intended for deaf/hard of hearing and speech disabled people. we DO get 911 and emergency calls (often), and we go into queue (very often). every time you make a prank call you are tying up the system and possibly preventing an emergency call from getting through. these people have NO other way of calling hearing users, and to abuse the system for your own laughs is incredibly selfish.