I still want to get back to that address book web app I started babbling about before Christmas, mostly to exercise my working skills with REST, XML, Javascript and XMLHttpRequest--now known as Ajax?

I feel like I should work on FeedReactor, but I started work on that to scratch an itch and exercise my RSS, Atom, and Ajax skills. But, lately, I've been made reasonably happy and itch-scratched by the latest betas of NetNewsWire, and my RSS/Atom skills are getting quite exercised by writing a book.

Furthermore, I had brief, weak delusions of toppling the Bloglines empire, but I'm not really devoted to that idea as a venture of my own. Been there before (sorta), never got anywhere, left a domain name and two dead-and-deleted SourceForge projects behind me. (And, a project really has to be dead for SourceForge to delete it.)

Though, if someone else wants to hire me to build it for them, I don't think I'd turn down the offer.

Archived Comments

  • Someone needs to name Ajax something else. Maybe even remove the name altogether. It reeks of Adaptive Path clawing for attention / trying to put their name on it.
  • You could always join Phil Ringnalda in hacking on Feed on Feeds. Of course, this means that you have to convince Steve Minutillo to let you help. :)