• The Back to the Future trilogy is, hands down, a work of genius. And I was overjoyed to watch the whole run on TNT this weekend while I worked on yet another book chapter.
  • Why is pasting plain old unformatted text in Microsoft Word considered a "special" paste action?

  • And, if Word helpfully extends my selection range one more time, I'll shoot it. I thought I turned that damn feature off.

  • Have I mentioned that I hate Microsoft Word? I'm up to about 175 pages across 8 chapters written, and I find myself gazing wistfully at TextEdit.

  • After wrestling for months with libxml2 for FeedReactor, and all the issues I had getting the Python bindings compiled and working on Mac OS X, just so I could play around with XPath and some decently fast XML handling... I discover that 4Suite installs like budda on Linux, Windows, and OS X, and seems pretty fast. I've only used it for XPath so far, but I'm curious to try out what it does for XSLT.

  • Your moment of webcomic zen:

Outlaw Journalist Kit


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  • Curious: have you ever tried LaTeX? I know it's beastly large, but since I've tried it, I haven't ever wanted to write any long papers without it. It can be used to create beautiful PDF output, and works on all major platforms.. Might be worth looking into for something that long, especially as it's plain text you can edit with anything, and can spread among multiple files (like one per chapter). :)
  • ...because pasting a big glob of Word-encoded, proprietary clipboard junk is the "usual" kind?
  • It's 1.21 GIGA-watts. Christopher Lloyd just mis-pronounces "giga".
  • Dare I suggest a migration to LaTeX from Word?