• I really shouldn't mess around with my caffeine intake: I really can't get started until after the first pot of the day--it's all self-doubt and spinning wheels until then.

  • I kinda miss my Trackbacks. Have been insanely busy for about 3 months now--and at the first sign of Trackback spam, I just renamed the mt-tb.cgi and took it out of circulation rather than give it another thought. I still have comments, but since MT 3.0, they're in full moderation mode.

  • I also miss IRC. I haven't been putting any "quality" wasted time in there lately, and when occasionally I have poked my head in, it seems like all the channels I was idling in have gone quiet. Or maybe they're just quieting down when I look.

  • Moving again - only this time, it's not between servers.

    With a week's notice and our current lease up at the end of the month, The Girl and I discovered a wonderful townhouse with cheaper rent and coveted wood floors about 8 blocks away from where we are now. So... here's hoping that the transfer of cable, internet, gas, and electric all go smooth this weekend!

    Oh yeah, and I hope all the heavy furniture makes it, too. Maybe the heavy lifting will make me lose some weight. Last year, I threw an old mattress and box-spring from a third-floor balcony--too bad there'll be no such pleasures this time.

  • Oh and I never mentioned it, but toward the end of last year I moved decafbad.com to new digs with George Hotelling and company. And, not long after settling in, I helped get the server hacked - hooray!

    Now I just have to get some spare time to execute my yearly refresh. And get back to blogging in earnest.