The Doctor Demento Show so needs to be a podcast. I wonder if this fan site could do it without getting in trouble? (Probably not, but I'd gladly seed torrents!)

Back when I was in 6th grade, the show used to play on the local oldies station, KISS FM, Sundays at midnight. I used to record the show to tape every week, staying up through the first half of the show so I could flip the tape when it ran out, school night be damned.

Unfortunately, I only had a few spare tapes, so other than copying a few favorite songs to another tape or two, I overwrote the same tape every week. So, no archive--until I met the Internet! And although I certainly don't begrudge a show supporting itself with advertising--at least I don't have to hear that damned annoying Betty-Boop-esque Bubble Yum commercial on my 90-min tapes anymore.

Anyway, I'm idly scheming to make the Doctor Demento a podcast, at least for my own use, by doing something unnecessarily complicated involving Usenet and alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.dr_demento. (Too bad Unison doesn't already do something like this.)

I think this would be my first foray into podcast scraping, having already done plenty of scraping for feed-deprived sites. Then again, I might get busy/distracted and never get around to it.

Archived Comments

  • I'd love a podcast of car talk and prairie home companion, but I figure I'd get the smackdown as well. There is a service, that is like tivo for radio. You pick the program and it records it as an MP3. I'm thinking i could probably hook it up myself but I'm far too lazy to do it.
  • I'd be the first of many to sign up to a demento podcast. go for it or it'll be a frantic "boot to the head"

  • Great idea. Dr. demento as a podcast would be great!!! Go for it...

  • Ditto: Dr Demento podcast would be great, maybe just the funny 5 of something once a week; or just the first hour