Wow. I've been scoffing at the new Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable, but this is the best review of the PSP I've seen so far:

We have a relationship to the future that is odd, in that we are constantly trying to create the preconditions for events we expect to happen. We collaborate with linear time to engineer outcomes. There are, however, coordinates in this progression which serve as milestones of a sort: points we can refer to and declare as evidence of forward momentum. Holding the device made it clear. The "future" envisioned by my eight year old self has arrived. Now, we must invent new futures.

Flying cars, here we come?

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  • Who needs a flying car when you can get everywhere in the world from the comfort of your own brain? Just put your body on autopilot for whatever destination you have, and do your work and play your games in the virtual landscapes.