Update: The book is out!

So, I've been in a bit of blog silence for the last month or so, backing off even from my fledgling habit of quick posts.

I've been spiraling down toward getting the final chapters of my book's first draft done. There've been notions here and there I wish I'd captured and posted--OmniWeb's been treating me nice; been tapping my foot for Tiger; Greasemonkey seems damn cool; I want to learn Lisp again; gee my site needs a refresh--but, I'm trying to maintain focus here.

Hoping to get these last few chapters wrapped up quick, then take a run through revisions and reworking bits that seemed to makes sense weeks and months ago but now seem a bit wonky in the light of later developments.

But, as you can see, the book has a cover now, as well as its own page on the Wiley site. That, and it's been available on Amazon for awhile, as well. Since this is my first time through this whole process, I'm just a tad bedazzled by it, and seeing this thing ready for pre-order (and with a really keen cover!) just cements some reality for me.

I'm a bit leery of posting too many details--not because anyone's told me not to, but just because I haven't asked whether I can. But, I'm hoping at some point to throw an outline out there to give a bit of a peek at where my hacking energies have been going lately.

I've got this sort of pride/anxiety complex going on, alternating between thinking I've got a few really nifty tricks in there and thinking that anyone who's worth their salt will be able to see just how mediocre it all is. But, I suspect this all ties back to my Beginner's Mind complex. I did get some unexpectedly nice words from one of my editors after a submission this past weekend, so that bolstered me quite a bit.

In the meantime... hello world. Still here, almost there, and see you soon.

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