• Ahh, Tiger. Everything seems about 1/3 faster, and it's worth every penny. I only grouse throughout the rest of this entry because these are the things that keep it mere inches from perfection.
  • For Exposé and Dashboard, I wish the row of F'Keys at the top of the keyboard were actually at the bottom.

    It sounds pitiful, but after getting used to slamming fingers down on CMD-Space for Quicksilver (and now Spotlight), reaching all the way up there seems like a waste--especially when I have to get my arm involved to move my hand, versus just some fingers. And, no, moving a mouse pointer way over into a corner doesn't help. Nor does tapping a corner of the trackpad, ala SideTrack.

  • I'd almost rather go back to pinstripes everywhere, rather than put up with the virulent spread of metal UI and now this new seemingly random tweak to things.

    So, yeah, Mail 2.0 in Tiger is a bit like ass now. Any chance we can get this reverted? I like the new split-pane, versus the drawer, but I want my old toolbar and window style back.

    And I definitely don't want third-party developers getting the idea that this is the keen new thing and changing their toolbars to this style.

  • I'm reading about things like file system metadata in Tiger--BeFS über alles!--and seeing the author express suspicions and point to signs of various decisions divined from hints half-buried in semi-obscure documentation.

    It makes me wonder what it'd be like reading this as an in-house Apple developer, or as someone behind the wall of an NDA. That is, having been in the real group huddles and meetings, writing code and committing changes, seeing the actual whiteboards at work.

    I think about when I see someone report on something I've been involved in. Sometimes I'm amazed at the differences--or similarities--between my reality over here and the reality pieced together by the person reporting things.

    Seems kinda like a weird game of charades where I'm not necessarily trying to help you figure out what I'm thinking.

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