• Just finally caught an episode of Robot Chicken. It's kinda like videos we tried making in high school, only with a budget. I can't breathe, and coffee keeps shooting out my nose. I can only hope that this condition isn't permanent.
  • Considering the mdls and mdfind commands on Tiger gives me an idea toward making an über-Blosxom. (I'm really abusing über lately.)
  • I hope someone works out a way to tie Spotlight to indexing arbitrary HFS extended attributes.

  • Times like these, I wish I was developing software for Mac :)

  • Under Tiger, it seems like CPU and memory consumption are markedly reduced. Although I did a backup-slash-and-burn installation of Tiger, I'm back to running pretty much the same set of apps as I had on Panther.

    Usually, I'd be running at around a 25% baseline CPU consumption all the time and there'd be no free physical memory. But now, even with a NetNewsWire refresh in progress, I'm barely up to 5% CPU, and I've still got a sliver of my 1GB free. So, it might just be an artifact of a fresh, clean install--or I might be nuts--but it seems like they've done some good things.

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