• It's hot--I love it, and I love that I get to leave the basement to enjoy it.

  • One of my next projects will hopefully be revamping this place and cleaning out some of the rot.

  • So, yeah: Apple on Intel. I say, rock on. Write apps in Cocoa, check the box, and let the fat binaries sing.

    And I welcome the arrival of faster Virtual PC / WINE--resistance is futile, Windows will be assimilated. But, please, shut up about the damn dual booting--that's like modding a Lexus with a spoiler made from 2x4's. (Something I seem to recall seeing in a Target parking lot recently, only with a Ford Focus.)

    I do plan on hopefully getting another pre-Intel PowerBook before 2007, depending on how our budget works out. My little first-gen 12" AlBook needs an upgrade and the initial generation or two of MacIntel machines will likely be a sucktastic experience overall. Some price reductions to move "old world" machines off the shelves would certainly help.

    Seriously, does anyone really think the usefulness of the existing lineup of Apple hardware will evaporate completely over the next year or two? Quite a few of the programs I rely on from day to day have poor or nonexistent counterparts in the Windows world. These apps are not going away, and most of them are written using Cocoa--I will not be switching back.

    My following upgrade should be timed just about right, in 2009 or so, for the Intel transition to have reached a bit of maturity with the release of OS X 10.6 Liger.