It's been quiet around here, despite an intention to make a more regular presence. Oh well--I blame it on a few things which have added up to a mostly busy month or so. Hell, I've even been a bit out of touch with my news aggregator, so you'll notice my usual output has slowed somewhat.

Let's see, how about a few quick brain burps?

  • The work has been in baby steps and tiny experiments, but I'm poking around with building a sort of microformat-driven wiki using the toys I've assembled over the past month or two. Who knows if I'll manage to put something usable together, but my plan is to try to release every part I come up with along the way in case I end up abandoning the project and someone else can find a use for my discards.

  • I've been thoroughly enjoying Scott Sigler's EarthCore podcast novel. Alongside all the old time radio sci-fi I've started collecting, this stuff is great. It'd probably make a decent weekly series on the SciFi channel, considering everything else on which they're wasting money.

  • Between the work of amateurs I've been enjoying lately, and the behind-the-scenes looks I get from professionals with blogs, I'm feeling an urge to get back to doing some creative writing of my own. Taking in writing and podcasts with both enjoyment and an eye toward the nuts and bolts that make the narratives work, I've been getting an itch.

    We'll see how much time I have available, but I've started poking around with a handful or two of story ideas. Maybe, if I manage to get enough material together, I'll consider a podcast of my own.

  • Speaking of spare time... Looks like I'm changing jobs again. I've typically been cagey on this blog about where I spend my days, and I'll likely continue to do so. But, this looks like it'll be a really nice move.

Anyway... that's the end of my sandwich, and so I'll wrap this short post up. Hopefully I'll be back soon.