Man, color me peeved: The girl just got me a new LCD-equipped iTrip for my 4G iPod 20GB, and what happens? I fumble it from chest level, from which it fell to land flat on its back on a marble floor. No obvious external or cosmetic damage, but I'm hearing an old familiar noise from the hard drive inside.

I guess it's time to exercise the AppleCare on this thing now, too. Are these things all meant to be this fragile? Maybe next time I'll leave it in one of those "iCondom" cases I bought but never use.

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  • I HATE the way an iPod will break so easily.

    When my last one broke, the "genius" at the apple store actually told me "they're meant to be disposable"

    yes, like a hamster or a lighter.

    I've banned the Apple Store

  • Well you know, I regularly light my $1,000,000 cigars with $500 bills and swim in my vault of gold coins. So I can totally see where the genius bar drone was coming from.