Whenever I get a new gadget, no matter how low-powered, I try to wrap my brain around it in a very real sense. I try to explore the features and see how useful they can be as things I habitually reach for in the course of thought.

So, I've been having fun lately with a new LG PM-225 cameraphone from Sprint. It's certainly no mega-nifty smartphone, but it's a hell of a step up from my trusty old Samsung A500. A few initial thoughts:

  • It's nice having a cameraphone, period, as well as having a much more capable web browser and SMS messaging built right into the phone (as opposed of accessible from web forms).
  • I've installed Opera Mini, and started playing around with a mobile reading list of feeds using some code from my first book.
  • It's been nice to skim some feeds and email myself links to items I'd like to read on a larger screen - which the built-in OpenWave browser does, but not Opera Mini.
  • I've played just a bit with setting up some procmail filters to route email from the phone to various folders or scripts. For instance, I've got a notion to send myself captured thoughts and notes to be added to an Instant Outline hosted on my server and monitored from my PowerBook running the OPML Editor.
  • I've also been considering some homebrew moblogging tools for the camera side of things.