I've mostly been in radio silence over here, while the real action happens over on my OPML blog. Eventually, I'll iron out a better integration process - but for now, here's a mini dump:

  • The last episode of the first installment of the Brave Men Run fiction podcast just landed in my iTunes tonight. The author / narrator expresses such a great deal of appreciation for his listeners, it makes me want to run over there and give him a standing ovation. Even if I am the only guy doing it. I really hope there's more coming in the Brave Men Run story universe!
  • Amyloo writes about speaking of Michigan people speaking. I should do a little podcast sometime - I don't figure I sound any different, but then I wouldn't think that would I?
  • Of course, one thing I'd like to do this summer, maybe after the wedding, is to get some of my fiction ideas and half-starts finally fleshed out and in short story form. Maybe I could do a podcast with some of those stories.
  • This series of remade Choose Your Own Adventure book covers on Something Awful has practically made me wet myself laughing this morning.