TL;DR: This is a bunch of stuff I just randomly collected throughout the day. Look here for a bit of explanation. I may or may not do this again. I'm experimenting and entertaining myself.

  • As a remote worker, I think this is a splendid insight:

    If you focus purely on the job, and not the industry, you realise airlines selling business class seats are competing with Skype for customers, as they address the same job: the need to have clear communication with colleagues.

    Source: The End of Apps as We Know Them

  • I've got a notion to crawl through all my blog archives, harvest all the links, and see which are still reachable - starting from the oldest.

  • I miss web mashups.

    • So I made a couple of mashups against my own blog - look in the sidebar.
  • I've installed Emphasis on this blog.

    • Tap Shift twice and see what happens. Permalink ALL the things!
  • I've been running.

    • I'm not a champ by any means, yet, but it's looking like it's stuck as a habit.

      • I start to feel antsy when I haven't managed to get around to it.
    • Winter in Michigan will be interesting.

      • Last year, the sidewalks were break-neck dangerous for walking let alone jogging.
  • I read a lot; I think a lot. I am well versed in omphaloskepsis.

    • I have a lot of notions about psychology & life in general.

    • Watching Justin Hall speechify got me thinking again about posting them here.

    • But, this has typically been a techie place.

    • Still, that's what personal blogs are for, no?

      • Or, at least a LiveJournal.

        • Wow, I haven't written there in a very long time.