Back in April, I wrote this about building a new creative writing habit:

What's different this time? I don't know. I have an intention and I'd like to follow through on it. This is not one of my strengths as a serial enthusiast. But, nonetheless, I want to try.

So, yeah: I tried and I kept it up for a while. It wasn't on a strictly daily basis, but I wrote more story-like words over two months than I have in literal decades. But, I couldn't make it stick as a habit.

I mean, this shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone who knows me. But, every now and then, I convince myself that I can brute force my way through ADHD via sheer willpower. I blame all the self-help books I've read since I was a pre-teen.

Anyway, other interests scrabbled at my brain that whole time. When I finally let go of the focus, I did a bunch of other things that weren't writing stories:

And, of course, I've had a relatively new job during all of the above and I didn't wander off. Folks consider not wandering off to be important for sustaining a livelihood. So, that's an achievement at least.

Also, I regularly hang out with my wife and our critters. That's an important way to spend my time.

I write all this to remind myself that I did interesting stuff, even if I couldn't arbitrarily command my brain to stick to writing.

Anyway, how was your summer?