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Behemoth, Part 1

I’ve been meaning to get myself writing again, so here’s the first rough part of a story that’s been bouncing in my head. It’s a quick and dirty opening scene for a space opera, but I’m hoping to take it in an interesting direction almost immediately after this. A distant sun cast silvery rays through […]

Trifecta #59: Intention

Thought I might try my hand at this Trifecta thing I just found, by way of Fred. The challenge is to write fiction, between 33 and 333 words, using the word of the week and its associated definition. I think I ended up with more of an introduction to something than a complete story, but […]


TL;DR: This is a story about what might happen if one takes life hacks, GTD, and IFTTT a bit too far. Okay, so maybe that’s not a great intro. But, it’s the first thing my brain spewed out. I’ve had this story rattling around in my head for a few years, and just tonight managed […]

Did you look under the couch?

Earth had been a great home to us. But, the Sun was revving up to devour the inner planets, so we figured it was about time we pack the whole place up and archive it. No danger to the human species: We’d scattered ourselves across the galactic plane. There was no getting rid of us […]

Biospheric Xenophobia

“Have you ever seen one of them?”

On the Market

It had been a busy week: she’d had her teeth whitened, removed four tattoos, dyed her hair back to its natural color, and gotten her optical implants updated. She’d also lost 4 pounds, working furiously over the past month in the fitness center on the ground floor of her apartment building. Her body had never […]

Homebrew Biotech Club

The homebrew club got real interesting last night. Jerry started dating this girl Maddy, and she was something else: purple hair, piercings, and a load of tattoos. And then there’s Jerry: bearded, balding, and been carrying a spare tire for years now. I can see the appeal for him, but she’s out of his league.


The day they moved in together, he remarked upon how heavy and numerous were all her boxes of books.

Stuxnet was awesome, right?

The toaster wouldn’t toast, and the microwave wouldn’t—umm—make tiny heat waves, or whatever it does. The fridge, though, the fridge had slow-cooked everything inside overnight and the apartment stank like delicious death.

Moravec’s Cats

Every ship-morning, I woke up covered in a half-dozen cats. Sometime in the ship-night, they’d wander in from the ducts and find spots to curl up around my sleeping body, virtually pinning me under the sheet and all purring from speaker grilles when I stirred.

Lonely Timeless Flight

He kicks back, alone at a corner table in low-g. He nurses a high gravity beer for the alcoholic irony. It’s his fourth, and the faces around him are blurred. Funny thing, though: with his glasses on, the faces would have been blurred even if he’d been sober.

Don’t Thank the Gnomes

I started the morning by sneaking into a strange house through an unsealed milk door. There was a broken shoe heel on the second floor—its wrongness drew me up the stairs as sure as a cord tied round my ribs. It was done before the lady of the house could sigh.

Famous Last Words

They told me never to talk to it; it was isolated for a reason. But, like I told them, I couldn’t imagine anything a transhuman AI could say to make me let it out of the box. So, after a post-midnight tumbler of Irish whiskey, I opened up a secure terminal and said hello. What […]

Controlled Monetization

I took the pills. Like everyone else, I took the pills and I sent in the hair and the piss to prove I took the pills. I’d figured something out, though: I could stop taking the pills for the first half of the month, then double up at the end. I still passed the tests; […]

From Spaceman to Plantsman

The first time the spaceman saw my garden, I thought he was going to strangle me.