With regard to some new things in Aggie, Chris Heschong writes: "If only Microsoft (or Mono would get a .NET runtime out for MacOSX." I say, "Ditto." I'd like to play with Aggie, and .NET for that matter (evil empire notwithstanding), but I don't really use Windows on a daily basis anymore (evil empire withstanding). I have a box at home running WinXP, but I only really use it for games (less often these days), and for recording my shows. The rest of my daily use machines are either Linux or OS X. Hmph.


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  • Have you tried compiling Mono on OS X? There's a good chance that much of it will compile. Of course there are big bits of the class library that are yet to implement, but you may find that some C# code will run. (System.Windows.Forms is the most notable omission - currently you can make desktop apps with Gtk# and run them with the Mono interpreter, but the plan is to make S.W.F a wrapper for Gtk#. Not yet though.)
  • Hmm. I haven't tried compiling it yet, no. I should try. My laziness threshold toward .NET so far has been just waiting for someone else to try it and talk about it :)