Awhile back, I was musing about linksback, robots, and the web semantic - and to my dumb idea about scraping metadata from HTML comments, Bill Seitz recommended I put my metadata into meta tags in the HTML header. Duh. So today, I pick up this post by Bill Kearney on "Real Neighborhoods" via Jenny Levine. (Man do I enjoy being fed by her site! She gives me a whole new respect for librarians.)

So it's likely not news to you, and there's probably been talk about it already, but I just caught on to's metadata support. Brilliant. I need to dig into the Dublin Core elements more, as well as other attributes to put in meta tags, but I think this would be another great addition to weblog software out-of-the-box.

Lower the laziness threshold for managing this meta data, increase the ubiquity and coverage, and spread another layer of tasty goodness on the blogosphere.

What's next?