Okay, starting to poke at my referrer scripts again and produced two new things: Recent Referrers in RSS (src) and RSS Feed Readers (src). I simplified my database a bit, collapsing multiple rows into single rows with a hit count column. Also squashed a few stupid bugs that had cropped up in the Great Site Move a month or so ago. Realized that the counts were insanely wrong, sometimes showing a count as high as 15 for a post that might have only 3 back links.

Likely the referers in RSS will be of interest only to me as I obsessively watch my site (though I do subscribe to Disenchanted's Recent Inbound, since it gives me a stream of new sites to visit). But, the RSS feed readers list is a few steps closer to the friends-of list I want to move from LiveJournal out into the blogosphere proper.

One of the next things I want to do is start cobbling a fairly modular & general URL investigator - that is, give it a url, and have it try to track down title, author, contents page, RSS feed, location, and any other metadata that comes up. I could then use this to flesh out all the links everywhere, from backlinks to the friends-of list. Basically what many other people have been doing for different semantic aspects, but all rolled into one agent.

Along with that, I want to implement some manual annotation of sites known by my site. Thinking that, between per-post backlinks and RSS reader links, I could eventually build a decent database of metadata here. With that, all kinds of nifty things could happen...

Okay, time for bed. Starting to ramble, or at least be tempted to do so.


Archived Comments

  • Nice scripts, combine that with Bills RSS comments script and you never have to visit your own site again :)
  • Yay, I forgot about that. All done: http://www.decafbad.com/recent_comments_rss.xml
  • Heh, it's really amazing to see how a series of really simple scripts and templates leads to all sorts of unexpected associations. The aggregator is indeed becoming much of what exists in Digital Dashboard sort of implementations.