You know you're an info freako and coding junkie when: Your trusty iBook - home to all of your projects in development, news aggregators, and blogging tools - goes into the shop for repairs, and all you're left with is a Treo 300 for convienient from-the-couch computing over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Most people would settle into a good book or maybe a James Bond marathon.

Instead, being thankful for unlimited data access and at least having a screen at which to stare (albeit tiny), you install LispMe and a handful of editors and tutorials in a sudden, inspired effort to a) learn a new language (Scheme) and b) write a news aggregator and blogging tool for PalmOS as your first project. I mean, hey, LispMe has access to net sockets on PalmOS - XmlRpc and REST, here we come!

Then, you go have Thanksgiving dinner, doze on your mother's couch in a food coma, dream about hordes of attacking parentheses (too much Scheme and NetHack), and all but forget about the whole thing. Watching the James Bond marathon isn't so bad after all.