Of course, along with changes I want to make around here, one of the first is the design. Thinking I might follow in Mark Pilgrim's steps a bit, and just strip the thing down to essentials and then more carefully consider what I slap back on the thing. I've been meaning to pay more attention to his accessibility work for awhile now, among other things.

I'm also thinking of ditching Movable Type for pyblosxom - since although I want to tear down the hierarchical filesystem, there still are a load of decades-old tools that I know and love under UNIX to manipulate directories and text files. That, and the MT-to-blosxom converter that came with pyblosxom, along with some tweaks to the genericwiki preformatter, seems to have brought nearly all of my entries across without harm. I'll just have to work out some way to redirect requests for "old" URLs to the new content.

Of course, after that, I'll have to reconstruct my comments and trackback system, among other things... might be fun though.

Oh, and a PS to Wari Wahab of pyblosxom: It works just fine on my iBook, and I plan to use it to preview my entries before they get rsync'd up to my decafbad.com server. :)


Archived Comments

  • A couple of us on pyblosxom-devel are starting to implement comments and trackbacks. I'ld love to hear your suggestions, or get some pointers to what you've done so that we can make it as easy as we can for you to switch over. The other thing we're working on are plugins to handle urls, which would take care of your "old url" problem with a small amout of code. Later, Blake.
  • no! don't abandon mt. ... just think of the good times... sniff... m
  • You're just itchy to start making big changes again once you've finally got something working the way you like it. Tweaker! :-)
  • Don't bother. Just create a new CSS file. Release a project or two. Develop content. Face it: you are not a perfectionist. You really aren't. You lack discipline.