Now using Kalsey's SimpleComments MT plugin. Planning to integrate referrers into it at some point, also, along with an easy yea/nay interface via email or Jabber to ask me whether I want to allow a new referrer to be published or not. Having had my site used to advertise adult movies and anal sex this week was not appreciated.

This blog's first birthday is coming up, and though I doubt I'll have time, I've got a few things I'd like to renovate around here...


Archived Comments

  • Happy Birthday, a bit early. Just started reading when I found your AmphetaDesk patch (which I love, and might well not use Ampheta without).
  • I keep considering a wee app that would read your access logs every so often for referrers, and send Trackback pings. Not that that would help with filtering...
  • How about adding a comments tag to your RSS feed?