Umm... what is iSync doing? I didn't know that it had anything to do with my bookmarks. Lately I've been using bookmarks more since I started using BookmarkBlogger. Nearly every time I try dragging a bookmark into a toolbar folder, though, I'm rebuffed by this dialog. What gives? The bookmarks don't show up on my PDA, or my calendar. With what are they being synched?

I see that Scot Hacker has discovered the same thing happening to him. Lots of comments, but still no answer as to what's up with this. Hmm. shortname=isync_bookmarks_huh

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  • It's safe to guess this is a bug - I've gotten it, too, and I never use iSync on this machine. Someone pointed it out on MacOS X-Talk, and it doesn't seem to be isolated... plenty of people see it.
  • I have tried to use iSync, but have generally found it to be very confusing and unreliable, so I've pretty much put it aside.
  • Mine started doing the same thing as well. Just in the last few days.
  • yup- happens to me when I drag a link to my bookmark folder. bug. but what do you expect- safari is in beta and iSync...I think that is still in alpha (just kidding, but it oughta be called an alpha is as useful as a garden gnome.