How unobservant am I? It took an article from The Register to make me realize that this new Apple music store does indeed use DRM to lock up purchased music. The files aren't mine. (Though, whoopie, I'm allowed to use them on up to 3 computers.) Crap. No thanks. I guess that 10% of the catalog doesn't look quite so attractive at a buck-a-song now.

I mean, I've already destroyed one computer with a tumbler of water, why would I want to lose all my music with the next one I douse? And what happens in 10 years or so, when I want to listen to all those hypothetical Talking Heads tunes I bought? Of course, I'm still listening to CDs and tapes I acquired back in junior high, and I don't need to query anyone's permission to do so.

I hereby bestow this award to the Apple Music Store:


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  • I already deleated a few songs that I had purchased and recovered them by e-mailing Apple and they reauthorized them for download. Atleast they are nice about DRM.
  • If I read the link in your post correctly it appears you can authorize 3 computers at once. When you want to no longer use a computer you deauthorize it. SO when I get a new computer I just deauthorize the old one. If you destroy a computer I am sure support can deauthorize it for you.