What the #joiito bot knows. I'm dumping it out dynamically with the Twisted webserver, which is all Python too.

While the #joiito bot is looking pretty keen, I keep wondering if anyone hacking on it has seen Infobot ? It’s the brains behind purl, the bot serving #perl channels on a few IRC networks. Jibot seems to have some funky punctuation-based commands, but purl accepts commands in formulatic english and even picks a few things up from normal channel chatter. When I look at Kevin Marks’ dump of Jibot’s brains, I can’t help but think of the gigantic factoid packs available for Infobot.


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  • Jibot doesn't store facts, it stores opinions. It is a communal repository for gossip. When you enter #joiito it heralds you with your communal definition.
  • Well, purl doesn't herald, but she does remember gossip and she does impressions of channel regulars. Oh yeah, and she maintains a Swahilli Phrasebook. :)