• Although I greatly appreciate Zope's export feature, I really wish it worked more friendly-like with CVS.

  • You know, with all these bloggers paid to blog about Marqui, I still don't know what the hell it is or what it's good for. And I read a lot of blogs.

    I mean, yeah, I could just go read up on it--but these paid bloggers haven't even made me curious enough to read about it, and isn't that part of the point? In fact, the only reason I'm babbling about it right now is because it seems like a bit of a mosquito in a dark room I wish someone would either squash or turn into something better.

  • Your moment of animgif zen, brought to you by Sheepfilms.co.uk and B3ta:


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  • This has been a bit of an issue with the program: people have spent more time talking about the controversy than the company/market/product. But how do you turn the "mosquito" into something better without crossing the ethical line?