Posting this now, but I don't feel like it's finished.

Some things that make me feel like I might be getting old:

  • Collapsing into bed at 2AM on a nightly basis during the week no longer appeals to me.
  • I wear wrist braces and a CPAP mask to sleep at night.
  • My hair and goatee are starting to go grey.
  • I'm gaining weight and really need to exercise.

Some things that make me feel like I might be growing up:

  • Getting up before 6AM is starting to seem like a good idea, regardless of my relationship to mornings.
  • The new car I got after I totaled my old one is cleaner inside than any vehicle I've ever owned. This is a big step: I once had a car with plants growing out of the carpet on the passenger side.
  • I quit smoking cold turkey a few years ago and, with the exception of one half-cigarette after losing a job (which only made things worse), I haven't started or been seriously tempted to start again.
  • I don't eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day anymore. I've even been known to bring leftovers to work for lunch. This is a new thing for me.
  • I haven't eaten at McDonald's in about 5 years, although I am still a sucker for Taco Bell occasionally.
  • These days I drink water, coffee, tea, and milk--and I haven't had much more than a sip of Coke or some other sugar bomb in years.
  • I'm finally getting my hypoglycemic blood sugar swings under some semblance of control and maintaining mental coherence pretty much all day.
  • I'm actually starting to do things I've always though of as Life Goals. (Like, writing a book.)

Archived Comments

  • I feel the same way. One thing I'd add for me personally: my son will start preschool this fall. yikes.
  • Face it old man, we're not in our 20's anymore... *sigh* Doesn't mean the fun has to stop though :)
  • (heh) Items in your near future: thinking that taking your shoes off after a long day feels almost as good as sex, realizing that your son/daughter actually has the same social values as you do, discovering that you remember technology that the younger generations will never know about, and knowing what your mother meant when she said that your grandmother was just getting even.