• About Podcasts, Bill Seitz rants:

    alternative idea for filling your dead passive-listening time - have software to generate speech from RSS and make that into an MP3 file

    This makes me giggle because, well, it's one of the hacks I wrote up for my book, last week. I probably need to edit things, but I hope the goofiness and sheer hack value comes through.

  • Speaking of Podcasts: Check out the Battlestar Galactica Podcast. It's like getting the DVD commentary track, but about a year early. Finally, my hunch is confirmed that Battlestar Galactica's opening sequence with episode preview is "an homage to Space 1999".

  • Lately, my favorite thing to toss back at Podcast naysayers: Dismissing Podcasts because of issues of quality or amateurism is like dismissing eBay because people try selling their used sneakers there.

Meanwhile, I've just about got a full commute to and from work filled with pretty good quality content--or at least decently entertaining content (to me)--to the point that I've almost stopped listening to NPR. Also, it's becoming a rapidly heating issue at work--not sure if it will go where I hope it does, but I've started getting drafted to educate some co-workers in other departments.

Archived Comments

  • I haven't been able to find much in the way of podcasts that I enjoy nearly as much as National Public Radio from end to end. But I really like the other aspects of podcasting: timeshifting, listen anywhere you have your iPod, etc. So, I created an application to help me listen to NPR on my iPod. Let me know what you think. I have the initial exploratory announcement on my website -> http://cleverdevil.org