• The new apartment seemed strangely quiet and isolated until I got the blinking lights of a cable modem and wireless router going. Very glad I had The Girl and pets to hang out with.

  • Also, I didn't know this could happen: I moved so much stuff that I must've strained my arms, because they got into a state where I couldn't straighten them out again for 10-12 hours.

  • I've just subscribed again to a Technorati search feed on "decafbad" after having forgotten about them for a few months.

    I'm liking it, but I wish they could exclude links to me found in other people's blogrolls--while on one hand I've been very happy and surprised to find all the links to me, I kinda wish I could limit to links that come up in the middle of a post.

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  • re: technorati searches. pubsub actually indexes syndication feeds so it doesn't get "polluted" by blogrolls etc. re: the arms. I've seen the same condition on people that never weightlifted before and kill them selves on arm curls. A day or two later they can't straighten their arms. No pain no gain!
  • Ya know what's funny? I'm not sure how I came across it but I've been subscribed to that feed for months.