Man, starting a new job really takes its toll on my spare brain cycles available at the end of the day. See, I've had it in my head for the last month or so that I want to do such various things as:

But lately I've been spending the day trying to pin new names to faces, and by night I've been hitting the couch with visions of Interwoven code dancing in my brain. (Any rude comments I might've recently made about Perl? They all still stand, but I'll still take Perl over VBScript any day of the week!)

Until then, I've got my iPod stuck on Smart Playlist shuffle feeding me a steady diet of The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and Flogging Molly. Sooner or later this brainfog will clear, and I'll probably be more hyperactively tinkery by the end of it. Or, at the least, my coworkers will either take away my desk-resident french press or duct tape my bouncing feet to the floor.

And, as always, I'm in state of constant gratitude and happiness about the girl who lies next to me at night and has agreed to keep putting up with me.

Overall, life's good--busy, but good.

Archived Comments

  • Ah, the good ole days. Do they still have the iw_perl extensions? Right now I'm getting awfully sick of the limitations of XSL to do the same things - I'm hacking away at Rhythmyx.
  • I can only concur, interwoven's also given me sleepless nights