Being able to listen to audio while in the “natural” places you listen to audio (in the car, while walking/running, on the couch, etc.) is what accelerated audio Podcasts to the phenomenon it is today. Now that there is a way to view video the same way ... that’s going to accelerate that new type of user generated content as well. I’m positive. It’s a no brainer.
Source: Russell Beattie Notebook » My New iPod: Video Podcasting Is Going to Be BIG

I've been gradually easing into subscribing to vidcast feeds, starting to find some early greats out there like RocketBoom, Command-N, and OpenAlpha. I've also started hacking together feeds for great online video shows which lack feeds. And then, there's the occasional private hack I've done to record shows with a capture card or help catch up on TV shows I find on Usenet.

To watch all of these things in the living room, I use Xbox Media Center on my modded Xbox, networked to a file server in the basement. However, there are probably very few other people on the planet who'd bother setting up a rig like mine. So the combination of iTunes loading feed-delivered video enclosures onto an iPod equipped with an AV cable and a remote sounds like a genius combination for really jump starting the next phase of the vidcasting rise.

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  • I really wish I had a enough spare parts of bucks lying around to build a MythTV box, because I could create quite a freaking videoblog aggregating machine out of it, and view it all on the big screen TV... Someday... Someday...

  • Pete, well, I'm not doing all that bad with just an NSLU2, a 160 GB drive, and an Xbox. :)

  • Thanks for the tip about Xbox Media Center. I'll have to check that out.

    How did you mod your Xbox? Or did I miss a post about it?

  • Seth: Oh, I just went over to and picked up a Xecuter 2.6 and soldered it in myself. I upgraded the internal HD with one from a junker PC. Very cool to dump all my games onto the drive and leave them squirreled away in their cases. And then there's all the homebrew stuff like XBMC...

  • Thanks for the lowdown.

  • I wanna thanks for the tip about Xbox Media Center too. It's very useful information for me because I'm going to create videoblog instead of my homepage.