At some point soon, I'm going to want to start playing with the Atom Publishing Protocol for use with XoxoOutliner, among other things.

Can anyone point me toward a reference implementation of a server end-point against which I can bounce a client? I'm lazy, and don't feel like combing mailing lists / Google searches yet if someone in my reading audience has the scoop.

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  • I trust you will post links if you find anything, I have been looking for this too.

  • You might want to check out Demokritos

  • I don't think there's anything that could be considered a reference implementation at this stage, but a number of people have made servers available for interop testing. The ones I have URLs for are listed below.

    James Tauber:

    Joe Gregorio:

    At this stage they should be password free, so please don't abuse them. If you have questions or are looking for more sites to test with try asking in #atom on freenode.

  • I just put up Only the 'testatom' collection is open.