Here's an evil concept I threw together at work: A Greasemonkey script that uses GM_xmlhttpRequest to load up and eval further GM scripts from a central behind-firewall intranet repository managed via Subversion.

Everyone in our team installs one GM script, and after that we can all deploy new GM code to each others' browsers on the fly. It's very, very evil and exploitable code - but we all trust each other so far, and the code's totally available for view from Subversion.

I could probably sneak something in to steal everyone's MySpace passwords, but that wouldn't last long.

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  • That sounds pretty funkilicious. I'd absolutely go for something like that.

    My first thought is that I'd need opera around "just in case".

  • I could probably sneak something in to steal everyone’s MySpace passwords..

    But think of how dirty you'd feel... I mean, stealing MYSPACE passwords, for God sake.

    It's MySpace after all.

    I mean, I have an account too, but at least I'm not stealing passwords for it. hehe