I dug my Zeos Pocket PC out of a box and apparently let out the magic smoke when I tried to plug it into a universal wall wart adapter. The voltage and polarity were right, and I'd used this adapter with this palmtop before - but this time, it literally smoked and smelled of burning plastic and works no more.

That's kind of an end of an era for me - I'd bought that thing with money I'd won in an Ayn Rand essay contest in High School and used it throughout College to enjoy sitting outside in sunlight with its reflective LCD screen and built-in Microsoft Works to write papers for my psychology classes and stories for my creative writing classes. Funny what you get sentimental attachments to, albeit however slight.

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  • Ayn Rand essay contest .. you're such a nerd ;)

    I remember you being the Ayn Rand fanboy. You even convinced me to check out Atlas Shrugged. I think I only made it like 30 pages. I still have it - as checked out from MCHS library ;)

  • Have you made any progress in finding a suitable replacement? It would seem that such a useful device is incredibly rare.