Oh, hey. Nothing like putting out a request for comments and then learning that my comments are broken, and have been since I upgraded to WordPress from SVN.

Not that it's the fault of WordPress - I renamed my comment form on the filesystem and in my theme to obscure it from spambots, but then blew away the renamed PHP file with the SVN upgrade. Blah.

Archived Comments

  • Don't take this the wrong way please. :-) I used to read your blog via RSS until recently. But since you started to add lots of twitter nonsense I unsubscribed because the signal to noise ratio was so low. Is there a separate feed for your normal blogging?

  • Actually, yes - here's the URL to just my blog feed:


    Sorry about that! I suspect one of the feeds clobbered after getting my accumulator running had once upon a time been a feed of just my blog entries.

    I should take a look at backing that out, since I'm guessing if you took the time to comment on it there at at least a handful more who were annoyed enough to just quietly unsub.

  • That's the stuff! Re-subscribed. :-)

    And yes, I would guess that there are others like me. I'm British, so I like to complain. ;-)