Thought I might try my hand at this Trifecta thing I just found, by way of Fred. The challenge is to write fiction, between 33 and 333 words, using the word of the week and its associated definition. I think I ended up with more of an introduction to something than a complete story, but here goes my attempt…

I know you are restless, but listen. Magic is like pie: easy to enjoy, but there’s always skill unseen in its making.

By the simplest definition, magic is the art of imposing intention upon reality. But, that definition is simple in construction only – nearly every word enfolds complexity beneath.

You see, we live in a consensual reality. Every sensate mind also radiates assertions. For the most part, it’s a virtuous cycle that yields stability: There’s a part of every waking mind toiling away sleepily to maintain a world with no surprises at the base material level. Most of us agree on what we see and we agree with what we see. Life and society yield excitement, but we’ve conspired with the rocks to pursue boredom.

We mages, however, are unsatistfied with senseless boredom. We have found the dozing deities within ourselves and have administered nudges. Decades of meditation, introspection, and contemplation is a steady and controlled route. Psychedelic drugs present a faster technique, albeit one prone to chaos and uncontrolled reactions.

Once awakened, the divinity within each is its own creature, to some degree. By nature, it is a simpleminded aspect of our own subconscious. It is swayed by drama and dreams, whims and fears. It submits itself easily to neither logic nor reason. We can gain its cooperation through friendship, commerce, or coercion – each strategy has its own benefits in terms of expediency, reliability, and safety.

Assuming discovery of and a responsive relationship with one’s inner deity, affecting change to reality relies upon one’s ability to formulate and convey intent. Thus, the practice of magic boils down to intention – particularly in the clarity, scope, and force thereof. Any vagueries in construction or lapses in focus will be amended by the divinity, often with less than desirable results.

So, that is why, in this school, we start from tedium: For the safety of all, you must learn self-discipline and mindfulness before you will be allowed to manifest your first whim.