Even more twiddling. Seriously thinking of moving the Wiki over to MoinMoin now that I've had a better look. It seems to support almost all of the features I use with TWiki, but looks to have a much cleaner design.

Did some poking tonight, and it looks like I could have yet another implementation of the XmlRpcToWiki for MoinMoin. That would bring me up to a total of 3 supported wikis. After that, I just need to keep them all in synch with the API as it shapes up over on the JspWiki site.

After I get the XmlRpcToWiki implemented for MoinMoin, I can work on the WikiWikiBridge between TWiki and MoinMoin to execute the conversion of content for migration.

The side effect of moving to MoinMoin in this way is that I'll end up with 3 wiki engines speaking XML-RPC, and one bridge between engines. Sounds like fun to me.