I doubt that I have much of an audience yet, still, so I suppose this will be just thinking out loud... but hey, that's pretty much the express purpose of this site. The historical context is useful, nonetheless.

Speaking of the purpose of this site: what about the purpose of this weblog? Should this just be for general site news and calls-to-attention, or should I start all out nerdy musing about tech and what's going on out there? I'm thinking the latter, since any glance at the wiki's RecentChanges will get you that.

I have a half-thought notion that I might enfold more people into 0xDECAFBAD eventually, so I'd like to keep the place from being too centered on l.m.orchard, but seeing as I'm the only denizen here for now, it will be.

So, maybe I should elucidate a bit within the site purpose up there in the corner. This is a place for exposed thought processes about developing technologies. Developing being used in a double meaning here-- both as an adjective and as verb.

The purpose of 0xDECAFBAD lies in both discussing the state of and participating in the process of technology building.

How's that? Great. (Suggest refinements, if you like.) Now... "technology" is a fairly broad topic. What technology, exactly?

Seeing as I am the sole dictator of the site's direction so far, I will define this to be technologies that suit my fancy. This, however is no definition-- it's more of a redirection. A see also. So, what technologies, in particular? Here's a list off the cuff:

This probably needs some fleshing out. In general, the focus is on web and internet tech with a lean toward that which enables human beings to work with information and each other. Mainly, I'm interested in PowerToThePeople rather than TechQuaTech.

How's that for a start? shortname=ooooce