I'm thinking of getting a digital camera. Price is a concern, but mostly my concern is small size and pocket-ability. I want this to sit in my jeans pocket, maybe my coat pocket, and take somewhat decent images. I'm not quite as concerned about super high-res and printable images, as I am about capturing 50-100 decently bloggable images (~640x480 and smaller?). I want a device inobtrusive enough to keep with me at all times, so I can pull it out in the moment, and capture what I usually miss. And preferrably without needing a Batman-like utility belt. I don't really like that style anymore.

Basically I want to start a bit of a personal photo journal blog. That's photo album enough for me.

So how about this camera to start?

Kodak ?EasyShare LS420

I've held this one in my hands, and it feels good and small, yet seems to more than satisfy the performance I want out of it. I've also looked at the Spyz, Cubik, Eyeplate, and one or two other tiny cameras, but they seem to be too under powered for what I want, in terms of memory. And they also seem cheap. Then again, I haven't held any of those in my hands. And then again, again, cheap might be good if it's banging around in my pocket.

I'm sure I'm not the only person thinking of doing this, or already doing this. Any one have some pointers for me?


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  • Just passing through and noticed this entry. I'm actually in the middle of looking for a small camera as well for everyday pocket use (and for a photoblog). I already have a nice digital camera, but it's to obtrusive to take everywhere all the time, it's more for planned photo ops. One of the cameras I've looked at online is the Benq 300mini. Only problem is the memory limitations. I'm more looking for a small camera with expandable memory. Please keep us posted on your search, I'm very interested.