I've talked briefly about the attempt I've made at segmenting my writing between here and my LiveJournal account, assuming that there would be overlapping yet different audiences for both. To be exact, I assume any readers who find me here are looking for my techie nerdery, while my LiveJournal readers are looking for something a bit more "human".

But, it's all me, and it's all of human endeavor. Should I segment, or try to blur the bounds more? For example, here's a bit of what I wrote in my LiveJournal today:

First thing is on memories: they do lose their meaning. Sometimes the lesson you should have learned from them changes or is forgotten. Sometimes you remember them differently, maybe more glowingly. Everyone has his or her own Myth of the Golden Age, particularly with respect to the past.

At dinner this weekend with missadroit, I was slipping into some bemoanment toward my "lost college years" and my seeming inability to "recover" some of the wonderous things and times I had then. The friends, the illumination, the learning, the hope, the excitement. Problem is though, all that's a myth I've created. While there were good things back in college, there were also shitty things. My college days were not a Golden Age. Just as she reminded me how pathetic it is to say, "High school was the best time of my life," treating my college days as my Golden Age is just as pathetic.

The thing I've not been facing is exactly what grlathena writes: "The future is very do-it-yourself."

The world didn't run out of wonder or friends or opportunities for fulfillment after I graduated, it just got a bit more miserly in just tossing them at me. See, life in school is still very scripted. There are many choices made in advance for you, based on only a handful from you. Out here in the "real world", things are much less scripted, and many fewer things are just given. It's very do-it-yourself.

I know all my fellow rock bangers are human beings, too. I just hesitate to waste their time with too much off the topic of rock banging and more on the topic of human beings. Should I overlap more? You tell me.