That'll teach me not to test on other platforms before I release :) It appears that Windows users are missing '' in their bundle of AmphetaDesk joy, which really perplexed me at first. So, if you've already downloaded my tarball from yesterday, download the following template and replace templates/default/index.html:

If you've yet to grab my initial release, grab this instead:This all seems to have worked on my machine at home, but that Windows machine also has a full Perl installation. I'm going to try everything out on my Virtual PC WinXP install here at work, but I seem to be having trouble downloading a copy of AmphetaDesk from ?SourceForge.

Let me know if you feel the love yet. :)


Archived Comments

  • Well, using it in Amphetadesk works fine, but, it goes completely crazy when I click on a link that's external. For example, I clicked on your "Windows + AmphetaDesk + Outlines + Metadata" link, a new window opened, and then just went nuts (clicking like crazy, tons of reloads I guess). Yup, on windows xp here.
  • Template works now, but when I click through on a link, it gives me this: Program fragment delivered error ``Please see the Perl2Exe user manual under "Can't locate in @INC" for an explanation of the following message: Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\templates\default\lib D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\templates\default\lib D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\lib D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\lib D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\lib PERL2EXE_STORAGE C:\DOCUME~1\f8dy\LOCALS~1\Temp .) at D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\templates\default\view_item.html line 5. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at D:\incoming\windows\amphetadesk-win-v0.93\templates\default\view_item.html line 5.''
  • I already merged the lib directories and still got this error on clickthrough.