Hmm, stevenf gives Zoe some love. I want to like Zoe, and I think I might try it again. But ever since I first found and later tried Zoe, I've not had much luck with any release. I think at one point I had a single email appear, but I'm just not getting the mojo. I think I sorta figured out what I'm supposed to do, but mostly it just sits there munching CPU quietly. Hrm. Not that my setup is exotic - I use to access an IMAP server on my iBook. I see others manage to work it. Trying again...

Update: It appears that my setup is exotic enough - I'm foolishly using UW IMAP as a quick & dirty install. As-is, it points to the root of my home directory for email, and I set the IMAP folder prefix to mail/ in Well apparently, Zoe doesn't support this and instead tries spidering my entire home directory via IMAP. It appears that there may be hope in a future release, but not for now. I suppose I might switch IMAP servers, since UW has always given me the willies. And, I'm assuming that while I'm using IMAP, doesn't have any mbox files for Zoe to auto-import.


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  • Incidentally, that's also one of the reasons I can't use it. :) There are icky things you can do with fetchmail to pipe your incoming IMAP email into Zoe's mail server, but they're... well... icky.