Mental/public note, things to catch up on soon as the Death March and surgery is cleared:

  • Fix all the broken links in wiki to download scripts & projects.
  • Revamp site design to use CSS, accessibility, and less ugliness.
  • Get back on IRC and in touch with Morbus and the AmphetaDesk clan. (I missed a release!)
  • Write a CPAN:Net::Blogger based blog post page for AmphetaDesk
  • Also write a fairly simple yet generalized CGI wrapper for CPAN:Net::Blogger to use with my Treo.
  • Toy with XmlRpc and PalmDevelopment on my new Treo - some lightweight native Palm clients might be nifty. Poke at ?MetaWeblogApi & others.
  • Play with the Java MIDP for Palm.
  • Look into more ?MachineLearning things, maybe apply Bayesian mojo to finding interesting RSS items to highlight.
  • Relax, recover, catch up on the world, enjoy quiet time with the girl.

Update: Copied things over to LesOrchardToDo shortname=ooocag

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