Even though I've been in a whiny, self-pitying mood, there is a reason I got into all of this to begin with:

I have to keep this always in mind. And yes, that is authentic - from first grade, I believe. And there's another like that for second, and third, and... shortname=ooocah

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  • That is priceless. And I thought my "electrical engineer" at the age of 9 was impressive. Though truth be told, I bombed out of EE and went comp sci. ;)
  • That's really cute.. in first grade I didn't even know what computers were.. On a side note.. that is one sexist way to have kids pick what they want to be.. "Just in case your gender role is not yet burned into your brain.."
  • ...and that they have 'Mother' for girls but not 'Father' for boys: nice.
  • Astronaut, in my case. In fact, in the Irish equivalent of first grade, I wanted to be an astronaut so much I spoke with an american accent (well, what I thought was one -- ie a bad impression of Dallas). It must have been hilarious...